For children whose lives are affected by lower-limb ailments, life is anything but easy.

The small activities that parents take for granted, such as kicking a ball with neighborhood children, running through the park, tying one’s shoes and skipping in the driveway, are challenging for these children.

But there’s one organization that aims to restore a sense of normality to these young ones: Steps Worldwide. Briefly described, Steps Worldwide provides assistance to deserving families located around the globe whose children have been negatively impacted by conditions in their lower limbs. If that sounds confusing or overly complex, let’s clear some things up.

Addressing One Patient at a Time


With nearly 40-million individuals needing lower-limb prosthetics around the globe, the challenge of helping these individuals seems daunting. However, this doesn’t deter Steps Worldwide; their commitment to patients runs deep, and their motto is to assist is every child in need. Although this goal seems overly optimistic, Steps Worldwide is ready and capable of overcoming adversity thrown its way!

More specifically, Steps Worldwide works with healthcare organizations to elevate their standards and level of care. Steps Worldwide understands a fundamental truth: exceptional service provides exceptional results, and when you look into the eyes of a newborn child, nothing other than perfection will suffice.

Although each case is unique and has external variables outside Steps Worldwide’s control, many children receive the care they need in less than a month. To illustrate this point, consider the case of Kade — an 18-week-old newborn with a clubfoot. Kade’s mother, Katie, was filled with sorrow and despair when learning of Kade’s diagnosis, and the idea of surgery was a daunting reality.

Not knowing what to do in her trying time, Katie turned to Steps Worldwide for more information. With their help and a little bit of luck, Kade received treatment and is living life on his terms, kicking and wiggling his legs like the perfect baby he is.

This brief story gives a glimpse into the day-to-day cases that Steps Worldwide deals with, but more than that, it shows Steps Worldwide’s commitment to finding hasty treatment and assistive technology for families in need.

Motivating and Improving the Self-Esteem of Young Children


Although surgical intervention is a blessing in disguise, Steps Worldwide excels in its ability to improve young childrens’ self-esteem and confidence. For children who’ve undergone major surgery, or worse, amputation of a limb, feeling awkward and out of place is far too common.

However, Steps Worldwide provides custom artistic prosthetic coverings, intricate materials and eye-catching color patterns to put childrens’ minds at ease. Whether they’re on the playground with friends or chasing the family dog through the backyard, the last thing they should have to worry about is feeling less than adequate.

With Steps Worldwide, they connect families with reputable medical professionals who’ve dedicated their lives to helping young ones focus on what matters: being a child, not their prognosis. Whether you’re a parent or a guardian of a child with a lower-limb condition, getting the assistive technology your child needs to lead a normal lifestyle is the first step in the right direction.