If you’d like to share as much information as possible with your subscribers, you may put a link to your bio on your TikTok account. Here you’ll find the easy way to do this and a useful lifehack of making a page with several links.

You won’t be able to enter a link if your account is Personal. First, It’s necessary to make it Business. Subscribers will see the link under your photo.

1. Making account business

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If you’ve done this before, ignore this step. Otherwise, follow this instruction.

  1. Find an icon with three lines and tap it.
  2. In the section, Account chooses the option Manage account.
  3. Pick Switch to Business Account.
  4. Tap the red button Next.
  5. Decide on the topic that is most related to your account and choose it.
  6. Tap Next.

That’s it! Now there are several additional functions at your disposal, and you can add a link to your bio. Remember that you won’t be able to use all songs in your videos.

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Now you’re ready to insert a link. With its help, you may move to the account on another social media or a landing page.

Detailed manual on adding a link.

  1. Find the button Edit profile under your photo and tap it.
  2. Choose Website.
  3. Insert a link in the field and tap Save.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to enter HTTP, HTTPS, or WWW, and the link will stay active. Also, it will look pretty. For example, taplink.cc/juliamoorenyc

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TikTok app itself doesn’t allow to enter several links. Anyway, you may create a Taplink landing page, and share a link to it. So, it will be possible to contain all the necessary info in one place.

We provide an example of what it may look like. You may use premade templates or create an empty page and design it as you like. So, Taplink gives you a great variety of possibilities.

We’re going to analyze a landing page of the salon for pets. When you first open it, you see a picture and the name of the company. Below, there are written a slogan of the salon. Right after it, you can see an action button for making an appointment. In this case, by tapping it, you’ll open a dialing app with the salon’s number.

Making your Taplink landing page, you may leave there a link, leading to WhatsApp chat or some social media. This template also has got a block with FAQ. Probable customers may read them if they have some questions and don’t want to text the representatives.

Looking through this page, users also may learn more about prices in the place. If they decide to order several services, they may write in WhatsApp chat to determine the whole sum.

The next section provides real reviews of other customers. It helps clients understand why it’s necessary to visit this place, why the prices are acceptable, etc. It’s a great decision to add such a block on the Taplink landing page if the company is new and isn’t popular.

If the company’s prices couldn’t convince users that visiting the place is beneficial, a section with special offers may do it.

Scrolling the landing page till the end, you’ll see a map with location, social media buttons, and links to messaging apps.

Taplink landing page is multipurpose. You may add a link to your bio on any social media, not only TikTok. It’s possible to start absolutely for free.


Before adding a link, you’ll have to switch to a Business account. When it’s done, you may enter it. It may lead to your site, social media, or a Taplink landing page with several links.

We advise you choose the latest variant. You won’t be limited in the number of links.

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