When you think of live chat, you probably think of live chat on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, or perhaps live chat features in browser-based applications. However, live chat is a great way to increase your conversion rates on your website, and you can do this without having to sacrifice the user experience.

How live chat solutions and pop-ups can help increase the conversion rate on the website. Chatbots are one of the many types of programs that can be used to optimize your website to increase the conversion rate. A chatbot is a program designed to interact with the users of a website in real time. It can be designed to answer questions, deliver information, and even process transactions.

There are many different types of online pop-ups and chat forms. But one thing is for sure – all of them are driving your website visitors away. The stream of pop-ups and chat forms can be a hindrance for your user engagement and that, in the long term, can be detrimental to your online sales and traffic. So how can you ensure that pop-ups and chat forms don’t cost you sales?

Humans use Internet resources to save time and resources when purchasing, such as Internet delivery. Chatbots and pop-ups, for example, are a terrific alternative to office worker efforts since they become more human.

When Facebook opened up its developer platform and explored the idea of chatbots through their Messenger program in the previous several years, the use of chatbots accelerated. Since then, various chatbot development platforms have emerged to assist organizations in developing omnichannel chatbots to boost sales, generate leads, improve customer service, and more.

According to Grand View Research, the bot economy will be worth $1.25 billion by 2025. It’s no surprise! Because they may be utilized to assist users or consumers with a specific activity at any time, chatbots have become our alternatives. 

 The user can either input or ask a question, and the chatbot will react with the appropriate information. Chatbots can learn from what a consumer says in order to personalize the encounter and expand on past contacts, depending on the situation.


For example, if a consumer asks a chatbot for movie recommendations, the chatbot can remember which movie the customer watched and refer to it later when making a restaurant or movie recommendation. Chatbots can sift through massive amounts of data to find the most useful information for a consumer, whether it’s a troubleshooting solution or a suggestion for a new product to try.

A live chat solution can help in the following ways:


Chatbots work best in circumstances that necessitate back-and-forth communication. Customer support and service, information acquisition, interaction with equipment where physical input is inconvenient or impossible, and voice-enabled intelligent assistants are all examples of these scenarios.

Increasing sales

Online firms must make use of solutions that might help them increase their visibility and sales. Clients benefit from chatbots because they have a better purchasing experience, which leads to increased sales. 

From the minute your visitors land on your page, chatbots are there to assist and guide them.

They assist marketers by gathering contact, demographic, and behavioural information from visitors and allowing them to enter your sales funnel. As a result, your sales force may focus on qualified leads who are ready to pay and join your clientele. By streamlining a store’s whole sales funnel, chatbots have the potential to revolutionize online shopping.


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 Boosting productivity

Human personnel have more time to focus on more vital and sophisticated operations rather than technological issues that chatbots can manage. A live chat solution is also a good way to keep track of all of your contacts, even if you receive requests when your support personnel is unavailable. Simply ask for a phone number or an email address in your live chat, and the support team will contact those individuals as soon as they begin working.

Let’s move on to the second element, which is pop-ups. What exactly are they?

 Pop-up windows are little windows that appear on top of web pages in your browser. Advertisers employed them to attract your attention, but they quickly irritated users, prompting software suppliers and all major online browsers to implement pop-up filters.

Simply described, a pop-up is a window that appears over existing content and shows a secondary offer. Popups are commonly used in eCommerce to present discount codes to first-time visitors and encourage them to subscribe to an email list. Pop-ups enhance revenue for 46 percent of businesses, according to BusinessInsider.


Pop-ups can serve a variety of purposes, including the following: 

Allow for a seasonal sale or event to take place. 

Pop-up retail is a type of retail store (sometimes known as a “pop-up shop”) that is opened for a limited time to capitalize on a fad or seasonal demand. The demand for things sold in pop-up retail is usually seasonal or tied to a certain holiday. The garment and toy industries are the most common places to find pop-up retail outlets.

Allow a new business to be tested or prototyped. 

According to a 2016 study that compared numerous pop-up types, 50% of participants rated pop-ups as “quite bothersome” or “very annoying.” However, the answer to the question “do pop-ups work?” isn’t “no.” Because pop-ups have the potential to convert up to 40% of your website visitors into subscribers or leads.

Conduct market research for a new product, service, or line of products.

Temporary retail, often known as pop-up stores, is estimated to produce $80 billion annually, according to Storefront. Fortunately, there are a plethora of sites you may explore for a pop-up store, and you’ll be in good company as more internet firms experiment with offline sales.

Make the most of your time.

  If you’re looking for information, or if you’re talking about an advertisement, pop-ups can attract a person’s attention and pique their interest in items or special events. 13 Chats recommends that you become more familiar with pop-ups.


Don’t be hesitant to give it a shot!

Finally, some thoughts

Live chat solutions and pop-ups are essential tools in today’s world, and they’re a part of our daily lives. By incorporating them into our business, we are able to enhance conversion rates while also making customers’ life easier. The flexibility of chatbots improves the website experience for customers.

To ensure, try 13 conversations and all the important information there!

The features provided by chat and pop-ups can help in increasing a website’s conversion rate. These features help in getting the user’s attention as well as creating a more interactive and personal interface. These services, if effectively used, can help in increasing conversions and ROI.. Read more about live chat best practices for conversion rate optimization and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does live chat increase conversions?

Yes, live chat is a great tool to increase conversions.

How do I increase my website conversion rate?

There are many ways to increase your website conversion rate. One way is by using a call-to-action button on your website that leads the user to a landing page with a clear goal and call-to-action.

Do pop ups increase conversion?

Yes, pop ups increase conversion.

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