For a long-time, I have been using IObit System optimization software to keep my Computer and Laptop clean and optimized, but I was always looking for something better. After reading through some IObit reviews, I decided to purchase IObit Software Updater 4 Pro, and I can say that I am very happy to have done so. IObit Software Updater 4 Pro Review – Worth Your Money?

IOBIT Software Updater 4 Pro is an excellent free software updater. It is a very simple tool, but it has helped me a lot. There are not many software updaters available. However, IOBIT Software Updater 4 is a very good software updater.

IObit Software Updater 4 Pro is a software update management and service maintenance utility for components installed on the computers. With this utility, a user can keep their software up-to-date and easily maintain service and system software on their computers. One of the most important features of this utility is that it allows you to update some Vista-specific components in Windows Vista. With its built-in automatic update features, you can frequently check for and install all the latest updates for your Windows Vista-based components.

Review and Rating of IObit Software Updater Pro is a program that allows you to update your software. $9.73

IObit Software Updater 4 Pro is a software updater developed by IObit.

Price on offer: $9.73

USD is the currency used.

Windows as the operating system

Utility is a type of application.

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Price


IObit Software Updater Pro can check for installed software updates on your computer. It can also install the update on your behalf, according to your preferences.


  • Popular Software Updates Automatically
  • Changes to the software
  • Great UI
  • Friendly to the user
  • Is There a Free Version?


  • The database isn’t that large.

This review article might help you learn more about IObit Software Updater 4 pro. You will learn about its features, benefits, drawbacks, price, and discount information here.

Keeping all of the software on your computer up to date might be a hassle. As a result, you might prefer to have a solution. A third-party software updater can help in this situation. You may feel perplexed as to which option to select because there are so many. This unbiased evaluation will assist you if you are considering purchasing the IObit software updater.

The IObit software updater can scan your computer for installed apps and check for updates. If it discovers any, it can either install the update automatically or encourage you to do so. The third edition of this software was recently released by IObit. It resulted in several improvements. Let’s have a look at the rest of this post to learn more about it.

System Requirements and Technical Specifications

This application’s technical specifications are as follows:

Vendor IObit
Name of the software IObit Software Updater Pro
The most recent version
Installer Dimensions 14.99 MB
Dimensions of the installation 57.7 MB
Language Assistance 36

The System Requirements are as follows:

System of Operation Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP are examples of operating systems.
Space on the Hard Drive 300 MB of free disk space is recommended.
Resolution of the Display 1024*768 pixels or higher

There are various features in this software updater that will help you have a better experience. This feature set isn’t extensive. When you first start using this software, you will see the following.

  • Hundreds of Popular Software Updates
  • Update in a secure manner
  • List of People Who Should Be Excluded
  • Vulnerabilities in software are automatically detected.
  • Restore the system
  • Popular Software Can Be Installed in One Click

As you can see, the list of characteristics isn’t that long. However, these are quite beneficial.

This is useful for most PC users who have a large number of applications installed. IObit Software Updater has a small database, but it can still update the most popular software such as Chrome, Firefox, iTunes, WinRAR, Skype, Steam, and many others on a regular basis. It discovered updates for a lot of the software I had put on my PC throughout my test. The supported list was rather small when I tested the first version. However, the most recent version now supports hundreds of popular programs. It is sufficient for the majority of users.

Another plus is its capacity to update its schedule. You can set a timetable for when the obsolete software is updated. You can upgrade a single piece of software if necessary. A batch update option is also available.

The latest version of IObit Software Updater 4 ensures that your favorite PC apps and software are updated safely. All upgrades, according to IObit, passed repeated manual testing with no viruses or advertisements.

Vulnerabilities in software are automatically detected.

The current version of IOBit Software Updater 4 can automatically detect if a software version has a known vulnerability. The user is then advised to update that specific software. It is, without a doubt, a really useful function. Because any flaws in your day-to-day software can put you in risk.

Exclude List and System Restore

The IObit software updater produces a system restore point every time it updates something. As a result, if a recent software update fails, you can easily restore your PC to avoid difficulties.

You can also choose not to have software updated automatically. It aids you in a variety of ways. For WinRAR, one sample can be used. You can use a specific version of WinRAR indefinitely if you buy it. If you update it, though, you will lose the activation. As a result, it can be removed from the list of IObit Software Automatic Updates. It will give you the freedom to utilize it indefinitely.

Tab “Recommendations”

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The UI of IOBit Software Updater 4 Pro (User Interface)

It has a superb user interface, just like the rest of the IObit apps. It appears to be modern, sleek, and straightforward. Everything appears to be in order against the azure background. On the home window, you can view all of the installed applications that this updater supports. The program name in the list has a status indicator next to it. As a result, you’ll be able to tell which one has been updated. There are three tabs on the left side. You may effortlessly switch between them to go to whatever window you choose. In the IObit software updater pro, everything appears to be in order and user-friendly.


Except for the database size, there are no major drawbacks to this software. It now offers updates for a few hundred popular programs. For the most part, this is sufficient. However, a bigger database might make it more appealing.

Price & Discount

This software is available in both a free and a premium version. The unrestricted version has limits. You’ll need the pro version to get the full experience. It costs $12.97 and comes with a one-year license for three PCs. However, we have negotiated a special offer for our audience. You can purchase this software for $9.73 if you buy it through our referral link and utilize the discount. In addition, you will receive free smart defrag pro and protected folder software.

Final Verdict on IObit Software Updater 4 Pro

I can state that the IObit software updater pro is good software after reviewing it. For a variety of reasons, you may or may not wish to purchase this type of software. But take a look at the situation. It is inexpensive and includes two premium software programs as a bonus. As a result, you should absolutely give its free version a try. You can upgrade to the pro version if it meets your requirements.

Are you, however, already a user of the IObit software updater? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

I have been using Updater 4 for around a week now and during this time I have come to conclude that it is a solid tool. I have recently stopped using my cloud service for backing up my system (Dropbox), so I have been trying to keep a local backup of my important files. Updater 4 has been showing me the files that I have been recently updated on my cloud service and I have been able to retrieve them on my local drive.. Read more about iobit software updater 4 crack and let us know what you think.

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