MI Box is a new device that allows you to stream games and movies from your smartphone. It’s the first of its kind, and it’s only available in China right now. Here are some apps to try out on this awesome device!

The best apps for android tv box 2024 is a list of the 20 best apps to try out in 2024.

Apps for MI Box that are the best: MI Box is an Android-based streaming device that is part of the Xiaomi product range. Its primary aim is to convert non-smart televisions to smart televisions.

It also features an intuitive user interface, Google Assistance, and a built-in Chromecast. Because it is an android smartphone, you may download the software from the play store. There is no app storage to get there. 

The Xiaomi MI Box is the finest streaming device available. Then, in its own creation, it shines. All of the MI Box’s features are based on the Android operating system. Android TV applications may be used to stream.

It also supports Google Chromecast. It includes Bluetooth capabilities and connects to the internet through Wi-Fi. It also has its own remote in a number of ways. 

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Best Apps for MI Box

Best apps for MI BoxThe best MI Box applications

NetFlix is number one.

YouTube TV (#2)

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that allows you to is number three.

Disney Plus is a subscription service that allows you to is number four.

#5. Hulu

Sling TV is #6.

7. Pandora’s Box

Spotify (number 8)

#9. HGTV

#10: Have Fun With Your Children

Endless Learning Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to lifelong (#11).

Twitch is #12.

Asphalt 9 (#13).

Crossy Road (#14).

Crackle is number fifteen.

#16. Movies and TV on Google Play

Food Network (#17).

Dailymotion (#18).

iHeartRadio is ranked #19 on the list.

#20. Go to the Travel Channel

Apps for MI Box that are the best 


Netflix, like Google, is essentially becoming a verb. It is the most widely utilized streaming platform in the planet. It’s always entertaining to watch Netflix on a big screen.

Netflix members may then watch an infinite number of television shows, films, and documentaries from the vast library. The materials are broadcasted over the internet.

It’s an internet television and video streaming service. The precise content of the catalog provided varies from nation to country. It mostly provides TV programs, movies, a few original shows, series, documentaries, and other programming. You may view many programs at the same time. You may also add shows to the list. 

YouTube TV (YouTube TV):

We use Youtube on a daily basis, and it is one of the finest streaming applications. We also have a Youtube Music app and Youtube TV, which offers 85+ live channels in addition to different on-demand material such as TV programs and movies, as well as more content than the standard Youtube app.

Then there’s Youtube Tv, which is accessible on all Android TV devices. Streaming Youtube TV is also fantastic on a larger screen. TNT, BC, NBC, ESPN, HGTV, Fox, CBS, and more networks are included with Youtube TV. 

Amazon Prime

In general, Amazon Prime, along with Netflix, is one of the finest OTT services and platforms. With Amazon Prime, you can also watch documentaries, movies, short films, and TV programs, among other things.

You can only watch live TV if you have a subscription. You may still view a variety of programs and TV shows.

Essentially, it offers high-definition on-demand videos. You’ll also receive a list of top recommended and highlighted movies based on your recent viewing history.

Basically, all other streaming services have grown less useful as Amazon Prime provides additional advantages, such as shopping discounts and bargains, Amazon Prime Music, and so on.

Disney Plus

Disney has announced the launch of Disney Plus, a separate streaming service. With one Disney + membership, you can watch material from National Geographic, Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. Additionally, there is a huge amount of free material available to stream.

Then there’s Disney, which is a collective treasure of your early memories. You may even stream it to your children and wow them since it has parental control options.

On Disney Plus, you may watch a variety of movies, videos, music, and TV shows. For on-demand entertainment, it is the finest streaming app.


Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services. Hulu also offers a larger selection of on-demand TV programs and movies than YouTube, but there is no free material on Hulu.

TNT, CNBC, Disney, CNN, NASA, Fox, Animal Planet, Discovery, and more live TV choices will be available to watch.

The live TV channels with Hulu+ live TV are mostly located in the United States. It also includes a number of original programs and material. 

 Sling TV

Sling TV is the most cost-effective streaming TV provider available. You can also watch on-demand TV programs, movies, and other material on your MI Box, as well as over 200 live TV channels.

Basically, streaming Sling Tv gives you access to over 80000 on-demand videos, both in premium and free forms.

It is often regarded as the most effective cord-cutting solution. Sling TV also includes networks such as IFC, AMC, NFL, CNN, History, ESPN, Comedy Central, Food Network, Viceland, TBS, EI Rey, USA, FX, and more. 


Apart from any video streaming services, it can generally handle music streaming apps. This will be more thrilling for music fans.

Pandora also allows you to listen to podcasts, listen to music, listen to radio broadcasts, and listen to over 2 million songs. Then, depending on your tastes, it may tailor music recommendations to best fit your musical preferences.

You may listen to music and download more tracks with the free plan. When you upgrade to a premium membership, you will get access to additional features such as ad-free streaming, the ability to build your own playlists, the ability to download audios for offline listening, high-quality music, unlimited skipping and replaying, and more.


The MI Box’s second best streaming app is Spotify. It provides a selected selection of 50 million songs based on languages and artists, as well as podcasts and music similar to Pandora.

All songs and podcasts are often divided into categories such as retro, pop, Bollywood, rock, classical, Hollywood, and so on. You may also listen to your favorite songs at any moment by searching for them on Spotify.

If you are in a party mode, you may receive party-themed music by selecting your choice. On Spotify, you can also download music for offline listening, with no ads or interruptions, and enjoy limitless high-quality streaming of 50 million songs, among other things.


For decorating and gardening HGTV (Home and Garden Television) is a channel devoted to home and garden programming. Generally, different streaming programs connected to architecture, modeling and renovating homes and gardens, landscape, interior and exterior designing, decorating, gardening, and so on are available on the TV channel.

One of the finest improving TV channels and lifestyle-based apps is Home and Garden Television.

You may also receive information about construction and real estate for rent, buy, and other purposes. The HGTV Go stands for Home and Garden Television. In general, 10000 episodes are available from HGTV-based TV programs.

It also includes 150 series immediately from professionals and celebrities.

Play Kids

This platform was primarily designed for the amusement and education of children. Additionally, the Play Kids app will assist the children in learning several fundamental preschool concepts. It also includes kid-friendly activities, programs, rhymes, and cartoons.

It provides a variety of free material, including highlighted content. With the membership, you may access lullabies, novels, programs, games, and more. Only children aged 2 to 10 are eligible to use the app.

Language, science, mathematics, technology, and other topics are available to stream for toddlers.

The app’s content is then developed and monitored by pediatric psychiatrists. It also includes a variety of topics, including reading, reasoning, music, motor coordination, and meditation.

Endless Learning Academy

Endless Learning Academy is one of the finest applications for MI Box. It assists munchkins and toddlers in preparing for kindergarten. In general, the app’s contents are based on tried-and-true classroom methods, allowing your children to learn in a more effective manner.

It includes all of the essential basics that a pre-school kid will learn in their courses as video lessons.

Coloring, alphabets, basic algebra, vocabulary, numbers, reading, and other topics are included in the technical syllabus.

With over 1000s of video courses that can be personalized and all of the material being ad-free, the user’s desires and requirements may be met. 


It’s a game that you may play online. Twitch is the greatest gaming software for watching or wanting to be a future player, as well as passionate gamers.

Gamers will develop their own game-playing technique as well as their own streaming channel, through which they will broadcast different games. As you get experience, video game broadcasting will begin to resemble other internet companies such as Youtube.

Streamers who watch the audience and broadcast video games will be able to communicate with one other on Twitch in the future.

You can talk on Twitch to debate more and more about the games, and it’s becoming a more and more fascinating feature. Apart from gaming, you may acquire a variety of other vested interests, such as cookery. 

Asphalt 9

One of the finest top automobile racing producers is Asphalt 9. Car racing games have been a fad for more than a decade due to their exciting and daring character.

The user may drive a variety of hypercars in Asphalt 9, including W Motors’ Lycan, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and others. It sends shivers down your spine since it is a hyper-realistic arcade game.

In actuality, vehicles are chosen based on their performance, and you may choose and modify the car to your liking. You may also create your own online community in Asphalt 9 and share your gameplay experience as well as listen to others.

To become an Asphalt racer, you must complete six game seasons and 800 events, as well as compete against seven opponents, and the gameplay is as follows. 

Crossing the Line:

Hipster Whale is the creator of Crossy Road, which is one of the greatest MI Box applications. With millions of downloads, it is one of the greatest games for your television.

It’s also the greatest app for kids to play games on. This game’s characters are admired by 150 retro-styled pop art.

The gameplay is similar to that of an android robot in a sugar paradise, where you must avoid traffic. It is one of the greatest time killer games on the MI Box.

The app is available for free on Google Play. This game will ask for different permissions to access data, including a location, and the game will include advertisements. 


Crackle is one of the finest applications for watching TV shows and movies on the MI Box. It’s a streaming service app that’s available for free. It also offers free on-demand TV shows and movies.

It was made for a service that offers an original content collection. Crackle was purchased by Sony in 2006. Then it became known as Sony Crackle and was promoted as the greatest entertainment app.

It is available for free in the United States and Australia. A contemporary gadget and a high-speed internet connection are required to utilize Crackle.

Its services are accessible on smart TVs, smartphones, streaming devices, and desktops, among other devices. Popular on-demand movies such as Concussion, Predestination, The Weather Man, Black Snake Moan, and others are also available to watch on Crackle.

Also available on demand are popular TV shows such as Charlie’s Angels, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Hell’s Kitchen, Bewitched, T.J. Hooker, and others. And popular children’s shows like Dennis the Menace, Kukuli, and others.

Movies and TV on Google Play

Google Play Movies and TV differs from Youtube in that it offers a variety of interesting video streaming apps. It’s also a video-on-demand streaming service.

It’s similar to Youtube in that you may rent or purchase videos and movies. Google Play Movies and TV provide high-definition or high-quality video services. It is a video-on-demand service that is offered by Google. 

You may rent or buy shows and movies based on availability.

High-definition movies and television programs are available. Google Play Credits may be used to make purchases on Youtube.

You may buy current season favorite programs and watch new episodes without commercials on Google Play Movies and TV from major networks. You may browse, find, and play your favorite programs from the comfort of your own home.

The Food Network explains:

The Food Network app is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle app. It reintroduces you to the pleasures and power of eating. You may discover a variety of recipes from renowned chefs all around the globe.

Oprah Winfrey Network, Discovery, TLC, and HGTV are among the channels in this portfolio. It is the greatest app for foodies and those who like cooking.

Additionally, the Food Network app is available for free download. You can watch complete episodes and live streams on Food Network.

Food Network is accessible for Android, iOS, and PC devices. Alexa integration, hyper-interactive courses, on-demand video, and more are all included in this app.

Food Network members get access to 800 on-demand cooking courses and 25 live weekly cooking sessions with their favorite Food Network chefs. There are also hundreds of on-demand culinary courses available. 


Dailymotion, like Youtube, is owned by Vivanti and is one of the finest video-sharing sites. In addition, Dailymotion’s Home page has 43 different languages.

It has approximately 300 million users all around the globe. Dailymotion is Youtube’s main competitor and the second-largest platform. Dailymotion is classified as child-friendly and safe. You may also watch, comment on, and like the video. 

Users may post and distribute videos with ease on Dailymotion. You may earn money online by simply posting videos on social networking platforms.

It is an industry-leading technology that provides a flawless streaming experience for content. Additionally, Dailymotion includes player personalization and statistics.


iHeartRadio allows you to listen to more than 1500 live radio stations. You may also watch comedy and news. Then you may listen to discussion programs, old favorites, or completed podcasts.

iHeartRadio will provide music fans with millions of tracks from different albums and artists. It also allows you to personalize your playlist and build an infinite number of playlists.

iHeartRadio is available for free download. Play any song you want on iHeartRadio, and you’ll receive limitless skips. You may save music from the radio to your playlists.

You can also quickly replay songs from live and artist radio. Listen to music offline and get unlimited access to millions of tracks. 

Go to the Travel Channel:

It is one of the finest MI Box applications. Travel Channel Go is an American-based channel owned by Discovery. The primary programming of Travel Channel Go includes reality programs, documentaries, and acting as a tour guide.

It’s all about leisure and travels all around the globe. Room reviews, safaris, and hotels are among the highlights of the show.

It will be so fascinating to see it broadcast across the globe, experiencing different foods, places, and civilizations. There are paranormal events, Ghosts adventures, the Dead Files, and many more on this list.

You may watch live travel channels online. The app will include all of your favorite programs and episodes. Premier access is simple to get. This channel is accessible in about 91.5 homes in the United States. 


Finally, you can utilize all of these top applications on your MI Box to enjoy your favorite games and apps. Install the app you’re looking for, and you’ll have everything you need on your TV. This article is about the finest and most popular applications for the MI Box.

The android tv apps free download are the best apps for the MI Box. These apps allow users to watch movies, TV shows, and live sports with ease.

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