There are millions of people worldwide who gamble online, but it is a dangerous activity and millions of them lose money, which can lead to financial and psychological problems.

Online gambling is huge business at the moment, and with the speed of technology, this market is growing. But with the rise of online gambling comes a rise in its antagonists: GamblingBlock. GamblingBlock is an online gambling blocker that blocks suspicious gambling sites, allowing you to continue to gamble without falling prey to the countless scams in this industry.

Gambling is a worldwide sport, and is a major source of revenue for many governments. But it can also be a desperate and dangerous pursuit, and people all over the world risk their future and sometimes their life savings when they bet. There are some simple ways to block online gambling sites, whether you’re using a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. Here are the top five free tools to help prevent gambling addiction.

Some countries are trying to help problem gamblers by creating guidelines for applications that block gambling. With the abuses associated with online gambling greatly increasing and the laws becoming stricter, these blockchain systems are a way for those who want to stop gambling. Several self-banning tools have been introduced in the last five years, some of which aim to autonomously exclude users from the gaming sites or applications of their choice.

Top 5 free software to block gambling

Others are special programs that block gambling payments from their bank accounts or credit cards. Some anti-gambling applications are free, while others are paid. To help you block gambling easily by yourself, here are some free gambling blocker apps.

1. Open space

FreeDom is an application that blocks distracting websites, including gambling sites. This software allows users to plan their closures in advance. Another reason for the popularity of this world-famous app and website blocker among gamers is its ability to block platforms on different devices.

With FreeDom for mobile devices, they can exclude the websites and applications of their choice, and once the download is complete, the blocking takes place at the same time. This cross-platform site and application blocker is very popular in the gambling industry and is used by over a million people worldwide.

2. Waste not Time

One of the tools designed to block gambling sites is WasteNoTime. This solution also allows users to manage their time more efficiently. With this time tracking feature, they can track how much time they spend daily, weekly and even monthly.

Thus, they can program the application time of the blocks according to their choice and convenience. Once they have chosen a platform and the time to put a block in the application, they do not return to the website. The instant lock option is also available for multiple devices.

3. GamStop

GamStop is a self-exclusion system used by gamblers in the UK gambling industry. People who want to stop gambling must register for the program by providing their personal information. After confirming the registration, which takes place within 24 hours, they can choose the sites of their choice and the duration of their block can be 6 months, 1 year or 5 years.

They will not be able to access these gambling sites before the expiry of their chosen period. According to, gambling enthusiasts are looking for ways to bypass GamStop to get around its restrictions. In addition to the blocking function, the program also offers the ability to help people who are struggling with gambling problems.

4. Extension BlockSite

Some people don’t know how to manage their time, because instead of concentrating on work or study, they start gambling. Maybe that’s why the BlockSite app was launched to help people who are prone to gambling. This software allows them to ban the use of distracting apps and websites, including gambling platforms.

The BlockSite extension allows users to manage their schedule by choosing when they can visit their favorite gambling sites. The solution, called BlockSite Work Mode, is designed to help employees focus on their work by preventing them from visiting the platforms of their choice.

5. Gamban

Gamban is a leading blockchain software application that is best known for its efficiency. This app can be easily installed on some devices as it works on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. Once the program is installed, the user is immediately barred from gambling sites and applications. Gamban was published by a recognized non-profit organization in the UK called GambleAware.

Apart from the lock function, this smart software also comes with free support features for those who need help and advice. Today, thousands of gambling sites and apps have opted for this tool to prevent gambling-related damage.


Don’t look for an excuse to stop playing if you feel like you’re becoming a problem player! To help people struggling with gambling addiction, several free gambling blocker apps have been released, and these tools have become ubiquitous in the gambling industry.

Since their introduction, these exclusive tools have helped many addicted gamblers stop wasting their time and money on gambling sites. These tools are mainly designed to block all kinds of gambling sites and applications. Installation does not require a long and complicated process with free updates. Read more about betblocker reviews and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gambling blocking software?

Are you a gambler? If you are, you know how frustrating it can be when you can’t unblock gambling sites. Maybe you don’t like gambling, but you could be just a little more careful about it. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter gambling sites that you can’t unblock, you may have tried a number of different solutions to the problem. But you may have found a site that simply won’t unblock. This is where a gambling blocking software can come in handy. If you are a regular at online casinos and even poker rooms, you may have noticed that you always have to be on guard when playing, as these online sites can have strict rules on how much money can be wagered, as well as what bets can be placed. Do you find yourself constantly monitoring your bets as you play to ensure that they do not get too high? There are some situations that require some of the more high-end security measures in place, and online gambling is one of them.

How do I block all gambling sites?

You can never be too careful of the internet. If you are a bettor or a gambler, you are most likely aware that you will be putting yourself at risk. Expanding the use of personal information can be a dangerous thing. The online gambling industry is taking advantage of these online vulnerabilities to get their hands on your personal information. As the most addictive of all games, online gambling is a worldwide problem. In fact, it is only legal in the United States and some parts of Canada. The practice is banned in many other countries due to its addictive nature. There are still many sites online that will not only allow you to gamble, but also steal your credit card information. These sites are very difficult to block. However, there are some free software programs that can be used to block online gambling sites and help prevent from falling into the trap of the most addictive of all games.

How do I stop gambling apps?

The use of mobile apps that facilitate the transfer of actual currency to each other or their owners are rampant in today’s society. Each app has its own features and benefits, but all of them share one thing in common: facilitating the exchange of funds. The most popular of these apps are gambling apps. Gambling apps are everywhere, and for good reason: they can make you a lot of money without even trying. But it’s difficult to convince people that not using them is the best course. In fact, so many people use gambling apps that there are even companies that specialize in helping you stop. Here are some of the tricks and tools that work best.

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