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FireStick is a media streaming device that can be used to stream Hulu, but what if you want to stream something else? You might think that you need a TV, and you might be right; however, there is a way to get Hulu on FireStick without owning a TV.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to register, install, and watch Hulu on the FireStick. The instructions in this guide apply to all Fire TV devices. These include the Amazon FireStick, FireStick 4K, FireStick Lite and Fire TV Cube.

Hulu is one of the most popular on-demand subscription services in the United States. It is wholly owned and controlled by Disney.

Hulu is known for its tons of original programming and a wide range of content acquired through royalties from other media services and production houses.

You can now officially download the Hulu app on the FireStick from the Amazon store. In this manual you will find everything you need to know.

To sign up for Hulu for FireStick and other devices

The Hulu FireStick app is free to download, but you’ll need to purchase a paid subscription to watch your favorite content.

Hulu currently offers the following 3 plans and packages:

  • Hulu for $5.99 per month with ads (1st month free)
  • Hulu (ad-free) for $11.99 per month with (1st month free)
  • Hulu + Live TV for $64.99/month (1st week free)
  • Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ package for $12.99 per month (no free trial)

Go to the official Hulu website in the browser of your choice on your phone or computer and select the plan you want.

Once you have chosen a plan, click SELECT.

If you have not yet selected a package, the web page will prompt you to do so. Click on LET’S BUNDLE if you wish to purchase a bundled plan. DO NOT press NEXT if you want to continue with the original selection.

Enter your personal details, email address and password to create a Hulu account. This is the account you use to log in to Hulu on the FireStick.

You must now choose the payment method. You can use your credit card or the PayPal payment method. Only US credit cards or PayPal accounts are accepted.

Since Hulu tries out some packages for free, you don’t have to pay as a new user at checkout. At the end of the free trial period, you will be charged a fee based on the plan you choose.

This will register you with Hulu for use on the FireStick or other compatible device.

Installing Hulu on a FireStick

Hulu is officially available on the Amazon App Store, where you can get it directly. So you don’t have to download it to the FireStick.

Follow the steps below to install Hulu on your FireStick in minutes:

1. Select the Search option from the middle pane of the FireStick start screen.

Message: If you have an older version of the FireStick operating system installed, select the Search option (or the lens icon) in the upper left corner of the Home screen.

2. Now click on Search

Message: If you have an older version of FireStick OS, you can skip this step.

3. Enter Hulu using the on-screen keyboard

Click on Hulu when it appears in the search results.

4. On the next screen, tap the Hulu tile under Apps & Games.

If you don’t see it, scroll down to Apps and Games.

5. On the next screen, press GET if this is your first time downloading Hulu.

If you are reinstalling the application, click the Download button (as shown in the figure below).

6. The Hulu FireStick application has been downloaded and installed. This may take a few minutes.

7. Once the download is complete, you can click Open to start using the application.

In the next section, I will show you how to access the application from the Applications section.

Accessing and using Hulu on a FireStick

Follow these steps to launch the Hulu application on your FireStick. You will also learn how to change the position of the application to make it appear on the home screen.

Click on the icon with the three dots in the middle bar of the FireStick’s home screen.

Or, if you still have an older version of Fire TV OS, press and hold the Home button on the remote for about 5 seconds. This pop-up window appears. Tap Apps.

You should see a Hulu FireStick application tile. Select and click on the application icon to open it.

Message: If you still don’t see the Hulu app icon, click All Your Apps.

You can move the Hulu application so that it appears on the FireStick’s home screen. This way you can quickly access the application without having to go through a multi-step process.

Press the 3-line button on the FireStick remote control. You should see a pop-up menu on the right TV.

Press the Move button

Now all you have to do is place the Hulu application icon somewhere on the first line. It will appear on the FireStick’s home screen.

I will now quickly explain how to use the Hulu application on the FireStick.

The Hulu application does not allow me to take screenshots. Therefore you will not find any pictures in this manual from now on.

When you first launch the Hulu app, it offers two options:

  1. Start your free trial
  2. Log in to

If you are not yet registered, select the first option Start your free trial. You can follow the on-screen instructions and select the plan you want to join. However, there is no package in the application. If you want to do this, follow the browser registration method I described earlier in this guide.

If you’re already registered, click Sign In to sign in to the Hulu FireStick application.

When you click Login, you will again be presented with two options:

  1. Activating on the computer
  2. Connecting to this device

If you choose option 1, a code will appear on the FireStick screen. You enter this code at hulu.com/activate in a browser on your computer or mobile device.

If you chose option 2, you can sign in using your email address and the password you chose when you signed up for Hulu.


Hulu is one of the most popular on-demand streaming services. Now you can watch Hulu on the FireStick by following these step-by-step instructions. The Hulu app is available in the Amazon store. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below.


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So you just got a new Amazon Fire TV Stick, and you want to watch a bunch of your favorite shows on Hulu. Or, you just stumbled across a great new movie on Netflix and you want to watch it on your Fire TV, but you don’t have an account. Or, you have an account with Hulu but it doesn’t have the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows. Or, you’ve tried Hulu, but it’s always on the fritz and you can’t watch your shows. Or, you’ve got a FireTV box with a Hulu subscription, but you haven’t ever been able to watch any shows. Or, you have a Hulu subscription, but you can’t watch any shows because there’s a black screen when you. Read more about hulu not working on firestick 2024 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t Hulu download on FireStick?

Hulu may not be available on your FireStick.

How do I get free Hulu on my FireStick?

If you have a FireStick, you can use the Amazon Fire TV App to watch Hulu. How do I get free Hulu on my Roku? If you have a Roku, you can use the Hulu app on your Roku. How do I get free Hulu on my Xbox? If you have an Xbox, you can use the Hulu app on your Xbox.

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