Another day, another tutorial on how to get to level 99 in a certain skill. This time around, I’m going to discuss the top 10 hardest skills to level up to 99 in. I’ll also give some advice on how to practice these skills to get them down. So, without further ado, here’s the top 10 hardest skills to level up to 99 in.

“Diginte”, a site dedicated to videogame reviews, recently published a list of the top 10 hardest skills a player must attain in the mainstream games they play. I can’t imagine a more perfect segue into a blog post than to share the list with you guys. 1. Use Telekinesis in Final Fantasy X. 2. Blitz in World of Warcraft. 3. Use the Elementalist in Guild Wars. 4. Cast Lvl 20 spells in World of Warcraft. 5. Use Spirit Walk in World of Warcraft. 6. Use the Alchemist in Guild Wars. 7. Use the Spellslinger in Guild Wars. 8. Use the Assassin in Guild Wars. 9. Use the Poison

The ultimate goal in OSRS is to reach the coveted overall level of 2277 and maximize your account development.

And some skills are much harder to develop than others.

Some only last a few days, others months!

But of all the skills in the game, which are the hardest to achieve at 99? What takes you the most time? And which ones are the most annoying?

Let’s explore some of the most challenging 99ers in OSRS!

10. Magic

With 22 skills in OSRS, magic respects the golden ratio: not too fast, not too slow.

That’s why it’s been so important to our evaluation.

I recommend players to expect around 50k-60k experience per hour when training this skill, up to level 70. At this point (assuming you can afford it), you can go up to 99, which is an insane amount of experience!

However, many players prefer to stick with high alchemy, as it is much cheaper, but slower.

The only problem with glass breakage is that it is very expensive and puts a strain on your bank account.

9. Logging

This skill can be quite slow and AFK, or quite fast and require a lot of clicks.

I think 90% of players choose the slow method and AFK because the high click method is annoying.

The experience increment for slow recording is about 40-50k experiences per hour.

When you reach level 90, you can cut down red trees, and they give 60-70k experience per hour (that’s much better!).

Most players like logging because it doesn’t require much attention. You just need to find a good spot and get started – you can even practice this skill while watching Netflix or doing something inane.

The fastest way to learn is to manipulate character in character, which can lead to an experience of 150k per hour – that’s ridiculous!

However, you will have to click with the mouse all the time.

8. Attack

The attack can be very slow to learn.

Which isn’t easy, because it’s also one of the most important melee skills in OSRS.

Attack unlocks new weapon classes as you level up, and also determines how accurate you are in combat.

The best way to master this skill is to do quests to get easy attack levels quickly – like the Big Tree and Waterfall quests that beginners can do.

Another advantage of this skill is that it is very versatile.

The attack can be trained in different places and even combined with other skills such as. B. Slayer can be combined!

I personally recommend training her through the Slayer. However, if you want a faster experience, you can head to the Nightmare Zone to go through 99 in AFK mode at a faster pace.

I recommend using the Whip of the Abyss from level 70 to level 99, as it is the fastest way to gain attack experience for this range.

7. Power

This is another of the melee skills, and Strength is one of the most obtained 99.

It determines the maximum number of moves in the game, which is a very important factor in battles.

As with attack training, I recommend some entry-level strength training tasks. To know: Haunted Mine, Dragon Slayer I and Waterfall Quest.

They can all bring some experience to the beginning of the game.

Strength can also be trained after the first quests in various ways, including through Slayer!

As far as equipment goes, I would say that the Dragon Sword, Abyssinian Battle Axe, and Saradomin Sword are excellent weapons to practice this metric.

6. Hunter

During combat training, players are usually divided into two camps.

Most people find it either extremely annoying or highly addictive.

In any case, there are many ways to get to 99, although some are much slower and more difficult than others.

This is a skill that can be very profitable with slow or fast experience without any profit.

For example: Birdhouse racing is a popular passive way to gain experience as a hunter. But it will take you literally months of training to get to 99.

They’re going to make money on this.

Another good way to make money is to hunt black guinea pigs in the wild. You have to deal with the horsepower and be very careful of the risks – but you can make a big profit if you sell them later.

Other less expensive methods include Monkey Madness II and Herbiboar, which has a chance of dropping a pet!

5. Pisces

The rest of the items on this list are really difficult skills because the amount of experience gained decreases drastically and the intensity needed to train them increases.

So let’s dive into one of the most difficult skills: fishing.

Fishing is extremely slow and profitable, or at a normal pace and with an intense click.

For money, you can catch burbotts from level 82 to 99 at a rate of about 15k experience per hour. It will take you months to reach level 99… but you’ll earn over 100 million along the way!

Minnow is a faster alternative, offering 40k experiences per hour at moderate click intensity. And with a minnow, you can expect a profit of 60-70 million.

The fastest method, barbaric fishing, offers no incentive to make a profit. This is just for a quick experiment.

If you do this job without tic manipulation, you get about 50-60k experience per hour, which is pretty good for fish, but still hard to get.

In the end, it will take you weeks (or even months) to get 99, no matter how you slice it.

4. Mining

Like most skills on this list, mining has a fast, intensive learning method and a slow AFK method.

The fast method allows players to mine granite, earning around 60k experience per hour on average without manipulating the ticks.

It’s not cost effective because you’re dropping granite on the ground all the time. But players who want to hunt down the skill often choose this method.

The company generally prefers the slower route, as there is a good profit to be made along the way!

Motherlode mine offers a good balance between AFK and high effort, with an experience factor of around 50k per hour at best.

Honestly, it’s only a small amount of experience – but you’ll also make a lot of money from the ores you mine, with an expected profit of 100k gp per hour at level 70 mining.

Since you will be here for a few months, you can imagine how much money you will make in the long run.

3. Combatant

This is probably one of the most popular skills in OSRS, and easily one of the slowest!

There are many ways to exercise this skill, but if you do it the old fashioned way, expect to spend 20-25k an hour to kill.

Considering that you need about 13 million experience points to reach level 99, you can expect to have to train for a very long time.

Fortunately, it’s an exciting skill with lots of drops to watch out for, cool bosses to beat, and interesting unlocks to choose from.

It is recommended to buy a Gnome multipurpose gun to increase the amount of experience gained and to complete certain quests, such as B. dust devils, to be pierced with ice.

2. Racing crafts

Runecrafting is so slow and difficult to train that weak runecrafting has literally become a meme in the OSRS community.

Levels 1 through 77 are a real pain in the ass.

The experience is slow and painful.

In general, you can expect 15-20k per hour until level 77.

When you reach level 77, this skill becomes much more bearable, as you will be able to generate blood runs. It’s a semi-AFC learning method, so it gets a little easier at this point.

To begin this game, you must have a skill level of 73, have 100% friendship with House Arceus, and complete the Kourenda Journal at medium level.

You can expect about 37,500 experiences per hour, and a profit of almost 180 million if you can get to 99!

Very slow, but incredibly profitable.

When you reach level 90 in rune mastery, you can upgrade to soul runes for less money but more experience, about 45,000 exp per hour.

In the beginning, I recommend you invest in this skill with every lamp you get and raise your runecrafting level to 77 as quickly as possible.

You can also use the Tears of Gutix minigame to passively increase this skill once a week, provided it is your weakest skill.

1. Agility

Dexterity and Runecraft are often equal in experience per hour, but Runecraft is much more profitable.

Agility also requires constant attention during training, as you have to hit new obstacles every few seconds.

Therefore, of all the others, this skill is the hardest to obtain at level 99.

I myself recently reached agility level 99, and it took me over 4 months of agility training alone!

Experience has shown that the best method is the agility course on the roof. Just make sure you always do the best roof course.

From level 80-99, you can get about 50-60k experience per hour on rooftops, tops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest skill to get to 99?

The hardest skill to get to 99 is probably the one you are using.

What is the fastest skill to get to 99 in Osrs?

The fastest skill to get to 99 in Osrs is Herblore.

What Runescape skill is the easiest to 99?

The easiest skill to 99 is Cooking.

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