Microsoft released a new Windows Insider Preview Build 22458 in the Dev Channel on March 27th, 2017. This build is a preview of the upcoming Windows 11.

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Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 preview version that includes a new Tips app, updated Hyper-V Generation 2 requirements, additional fixes and enhancements, and a revamped Photos app. PCs registered in Dev Channels will be able to get the latest build 22458.

The full changelog for the new build is as follows:

Improvements and Changes

  • Under the power menu on Start, we provided a link to the sign-in choices. (Note: this modification was originally introduced in Build 22454 last week, but it was overlooked, so we’re recording it here this week.) Start › Power › Sign-in options
  • [UPDATE 9/16] This release contains a modification that matches the enforcement of Windows 11 system requirements on Virtual Machines (VMs) with those of real PCs. It’s possible that previously constructed VMs using Insider Preview builds will not get updates to the most recent preview versions. VMs in Hyper-V must be built as Generation 2 VMs. As long as the hardware requirements are fulfilled, running Windows 11 in VMs in alternative virtualization solutions from manufacturers like VMware and Oracle will continue to function. See this blog article for additional information on the Windows 11 system requirements.


  • Start
    • An underlying problem that was affecting Start dependability has been resolved.
  • Search
    • Indexing may now be added to folders with a # in the name.
  • Settings
    • Fix for an issue that caused Settings to crash while attempting to access the Display tab on occasion.
    • In Advanced Display Settings, clicking “More about refresh rate” now takes you to the help page you expected.
    • Fixed an issue where the warning text describing why the location services option was greyed out wasn’t showing up on the Location page in Settings.
    • Changes to choices made in Settings’ Manage App Execution Alias should now be maintained.
    • There were a number of mistakes in the dll output (Issue #206).
  • Windowing
    • When switching between full screen and windowed mode with Auto HDR enabled, pressing ALT + Enter (i.e. switching between full screen and windowed mode) may cause some games to crash abruptly.
  • Other
    • In certain instances, text truncation in the Encrypting File System window was caused by an error.
    • A rare situation that may result in a deleted in-box app reappearing after a reboot has been fixed.
    • (Issue #13138) Appx commandlets should now function with PowerShell 7.0+ printui.dll.

Note After general availability on October 5th, some of the improvements found in Insider Preview versions from the active development branch may find their way into maintenance updates for the published version of Windows 11.

Issues that have been identified

  • General
    • We’re working on a remedy for an issue that’s triggering WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR bug checks on certain Surface Pro Xs.
    • We’re working on a remedy for an issue that causes certain devices to fail to update to the most current version due to a DRIVER PNP WATCHDOG error.
  • Start
    • When using Search from Start or the Taskbar, you may be unable to input text in certain situations. If the problem persists, open the Run dialog box by pressing WIN + R on the keyboard, then shut it.
    • When right-clicking on the Start button (WIN + X), the system is absent.
  • Taskbar
    • IMPORTANT: When the Taskbar’s default center alignment is used, icons are moved to the side, causing them to be cut off by the “display hidden icons” button when there are too many applications open.
    • When switching input methods, the Taskbar will sometimes flicker.
  • Search
    • The Search panel may not open after clicking the Search button on the Taskbar. Restart the “Windows Explorer” process and reopen the search panel if this happens.
    • The search panel may look dark, with no material shown below the search field.
  • File Explorer is a program that allows you to see
    • When you right-click files in OneDrive locations in File Explorer and linger over items that open sub-menus, such as “Open with,” the context menu may abruptly disappear.
  • Widgets
    • It’s possible that the widgets board is empty. You can get around the problem by signing out and then back in again.
    • External displays may show widgets in the incorrect size. If this happens, open the widgets on your primary monitor first, then on your other displays, using touch or the WIN + W shortcut.
  • Sandbox in Windows
    • We’re looking into an issue where certain Insiders may not be able to start Windows Sandbox after upgrading to this version.
  • Microsoft Store is an online store that sells Microsoft products
    • We’re still working on making the Store’s search results more relevant.
  • Hyper-V with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
    • On ARM64 PCs like the Surface Pro X, complaints of WSL2 and Hyper-V not functioning on this version are being investigated.

Photos app has been redesigned.

The following updates and enhancements have been made to the new redesigned Photos app to make it quicker, simpler, and more fun.

  • Beautiful new design: The Photos app has been updated to match Windows 11’s new visual style.
  • Crop, rotate, touch-up, examine metadata, “heart” your favorites, and even write on your pictures using your mouse or a pen on compatible devices with the newly redesigned photo editing toolbar.

I’m excited to show you another #Windows11 first look – the wonderfully revamped #PhotosApp will be available to #WindowsInsiders shortly.

September 7, 2024 — Panos Panay (@panos panay)

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