While developers are supposed to be working on build 22000.132, a new update is already in the works. While it won’t be available until September, there are still some important changes to worry about.

The Anniversary Update for Windows 10 is the largest preview release to date for the Anniversary Update and also the largest release to date for Windows 10. This release includes new features, functionality and enhancements across the board.

Samsung has released a new software update for the Galaxy S6, bringing the build number to 22000.132. This is the first update to Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Galaxy S6, and it comes with an important security fix. The new update also brings Samsung’s One UI, a new user interface, which makes the phone look similar to other recent Samsung devices, but with some additional customization options and some changes to the way that the phone handles permissions.. Read more about windows 11 insider and let us know what you think.


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  • A new preview version of Windows 11 has been released, which has many problems and malfunctions.
  • Context menus, the taskbar, and the Search function are all affected by KB5005190.
  • Some of the issues that wreak havoc on the new build’s user experience also affect the Teams app.
  • We’ll keep note of all the problems and malfunctions that prevent us from utilizing specific functionalities in this page.


If you’re a Windows Insider who’s actively testing Microsoft’s future operating system, you’re probably aware that a fresh build has been published.

KB5005190, commonly known as build 22000.132, had several repairs and enhancements, but it also included certain problems that users are now experiencing.

As a result, we’ll keep note of anything that doesn’t function properly and keep you updated.

Windows 11 Build 22000.132 has a number of bugs and problems.

Texture overlap in the context menu

Do you know how everyone says that it’s all in the details when it comes to beauty? They are, after all, correct.

While some may believe these things to be insignificant, others see them as a lack of professionalism and a complete lack of attention to detail.

That’s how Insiders feel after installing build 22000.132 and inspecting the context menus, which suddenly seem to overlap.


Although not a system-threatening flaw, it is one that is visible to the experienced eye of Windows users and needs Microsoft’s immediate attention.

Apps like Mail and Calendar haven’t been updated in a long time.

Only two of the four applications that were redesigned received an update after downloading build 22000.132, according to this Windows Insider.

The Snipping Tool and Calculator applications both received an update after his machine completed installing KB5005190.

The Calendar and Mail apps, on the other hand, did not get them, despite Microsoft’s announcement that they would.

It’s still too early to determine what’s causing all of this, but we’re certain it’s a small hiccup.

The system is sluggish to react, the taskbar is empty, and the Start menu is missing.

This is one that is certainly vexing and must be addressed as quickly as possible. Some customers are claiming that their computers are almost useless after downloading the newest update.

The OS takes a long time to boot up correctly, and the taskbar is empty, with nothing on it but the Teams Chat icon, which is also sluggish.

Additionally, the Start menu is missing.

When My Windows 11 (22000.132) starts up: The task bar is shown empty for about 10 minutes Teams Chat icon is shown, but the icon simply switches between a Video and Chat image when I click it. Nothing else happens. If I click on Start > Settings > System – There is another 10 minute delay before the form is actually active. When I resize the Settings form, it fills the screen, but the components on the form don’t move nor resize (until the components become active) If I stop all services and reboot, everything seems fast except I don’t have internet, sound etc, so I suspect a service is failing and retrying to start.

Remember that, despite the fact that we are still dealing with horrific difficulties, Windows 11 is still being actively tested, thus all of these issues are to be expected.

After the upgrade, the search feature is no longer functional.

After updating to Windows 11 build 22000.132, insiders are claiming that the Search function isn’t working as well as it used to.

This isn’t a frequent issue since it hasn’t been reported in prior releases. The issue persists even when indexing is re-enabled.

During meetings, teams’ videos are lagging.

Some Insiders have lately reported an issue with internet bandwidth after the latest Windows 11 upgrade.

This issue, as far as we know, only affects Windows 11 machines, indicating that it is not a widespread issue. Users were surprised to see that Build 22000.132 broke a little more than they expected.

We’re aware that certain functionality may be unavailable at the moment, and bugs may occasionally overwhelm us and spoil our new OS experience.

However, as we’ve been saying for months, we need to accept that Windows 11 is still being groomed and tuned.

We’ll keep an eye out and keep this page updated with our results. Stay tuned to learn more about the Windows 11 preview’s difficulties.

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Just a few short weeks after the first 22000.132 build was released, the Google Play Store started to bristle with reports of phones that were bricking to the point of no return. Google has since fixed that issue with the current 22000.132.2 build, but there are still a few other things to watch out for when upgrading your S4 to this version.. Read more about windows 11 beta and let us know what you think.

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