The LG G5 is a great phone with a lot of cool features. One of the coolest is the ability to save photos and videos to an SD card. But if you want to use your SD card for anything else, like music or games, you’ll need to delete those files first. Here’s how!

The lg g5 move apps to sd card is a quick and easy way to save photos to the LG G5 SD card.

The ability to copy or store LG G5 pictures to an SD card may be helpful at times. Certainly, if you are the kind to shoot a lot of pictures, the LG G5’s internal capacity will soon fill up. To free up space on the LG G5’s internal memory, we’ll learn how to move pictures to the phone’s SD card. First, we’ll look at how to transfer pictures from the SD card. Second, we’ll look at how to accomplish it correctly using an application. Finally, we’ll learn how to change the default picture record on the LG G5 SD card.


How can I put pictures on my LG G5’s SD card?

This method isn’t applicable to all models. If it doesn’t work on your LG G5, try the steps below to transfer the pictures. To transfer pictures to the SD card on your LG G5, go to the File Manager app and then to IMAGE. Once you’re there, just choose the album you want to transfer while holding down the button for a few seconds. A tiny menu should display, and all you have to do now is click CUT. Select the SD card after it’s finished, and the process of copying your pictures to the LG G5’s SD card will begin. That’s all; your pictures have been saved to your SD card.

To transfer pictures from your LG G5 to your SD card, you’ll need to use an application.

There are a few apps that can help you transfer your pictures to the LG G5’s SD card. We chose the ES File Explorer program for you because of its simplicity and usefulness. This program must be downloaded and installed on the LG G5. When you’re finished, open it and go to the pictures folder. After that, pick the pictures you want to transfer and click MOVE TO, then select SDCARD. That’s all, the images have been relocated.

How can I make my LG G5 pictures automatically record to my SD card?

You’ll need to alter the storage’s default tracking if you want all new photos you take with your LG G5 to be saved straight to the SD card. To do so, you must first open the PHOTO program. When you’re finished, press PARAMETER, which is symbolized by a tiny gear. When you get there, you must choose SD Card as the default destination. Your new photos will be stored on the LG G5 SD card shortly after that.

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The usb sd card reader is a tool that allows users to save photos and other files to the LG G5 SD card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set my SD card as default storage on LG g5?

You can do this by going to Settings > Storage > SD Card.

How do I move pictures from LG phone to SD card?

You would need to use a computer or laptop with an SD card reader. Then you would need to plug the phone into the computer and open up the LG camera app. From there, you can either copy the photos from your phone onto the SD card or select copy on the top of the screen and choose where you want it to be copied.

How do I save pictures directly to my SD card?

To save your pictures directly to your SD card, you need to go into the camera settings and change the storage location for images.

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