Connecting a PS4 controller on PC is a fairly simple process. We will be using a program called x360ce to achieve this. X360ce is a program we can use to emulate the PS4 controller and allow us to use a USB controller on our PC.

If you have been following the news, you probably know that Microsoft released a new feature called Windows 10 Creators Update which includes new features such as “Game Mode”, “Xbox Live App”, and “Cortana”. All these features are related to gaming, and if you are an avid gamer, you are probably wondering how would you be able to connect your PS4 controller to your PC, especially if you don’t have an Xbox.

Many users play PS4 with a controller and have been longing for the option to play on PC. Now that the latest PS4 models are out, the demand for this functionality has been increasing as well. But there is a catch: no PS4 controller drivers exist for Windows PCs and Macs. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out! This guide will walk you through the steps of connecting a PS4 controller on PC, and teach you how to remap the controller buttons, remap the joystick on PC, and map middle mouse key to left stick on PC.

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Windows 11 has been announced and should be available later this year. The system requirements are already available and for the first time Windows will not be able to run if you do not have access to the Internet.

However, if you want to be doubly sure or want to check more quickly whether your laptop or PC is suitable for Windows 11, you can download the PC Health Check program.

Here’s how to use the PC Health Check app
Go to this link and download the app (it’s a Windows installation package of about 13 MB)
Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and click Check Now
You’ll either get a response This PC can run Windows 11 and you’ll be notified when it’s available for installation; or you’ll continue to receive Windows 10 updates.

If you are using the app for the first time, you should also know that it has several features that provide health and performance data. You can also use the PC Health Check application for the following tasks

-> Backup and Sync (you will be notified here if you do not back up your data)
-> Windows Quick Update status
-> Storage capacity status
-> Boot time details

But when I looked at the app, it looked pretty old or just not updated. To me, this shows that version 2.1 of 2024 is running at …… running.

I honestly don’t know exactly what the app used to look like and what features have been added/removed, but it looks like a nice quick tool rather than a more elaborate settings interface.

However, not everyone seems to find this little application useful enough. Some users are frustrated by the fact that you are not told which requirements are not met.

Why create a program that checks system compatibility with Windows 11 if it won’t even tell you which requirements are not met?

In most cases, it will be a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TMP) incompatibility, but still… why isn’t it mentioned?

– (@VideoCardz) 24. June 2024

Apparently, TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) could be the biggest trigger of all, and it’s already being talked about online. We’ll probably have to dig a little deeper to see what the real implications are for consumers, because right now it seems that while this feature is meant to improve security, it also has inconsistencies.

Update: TPM 2.0 seems to be a problem.

We’ve been following the situation on Twitter, and it looks like the problem is getting worse.

We have also seen an increase in visits to our article about this bug: The reliable platform module of your computer has failed. This could mean that more Windows 10 users are testing the app and encountering bugs that could be related to TPM.

If you are one of them, please help us find out more by leaving a comment below.

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Take part in the discussionThe PS4 controller is not an optimal input device for PC gamers. While it works well on a couch, it’s not as comfortable as a mouse or keyboard, especially on a regular work day. With that being said, there are ways to connect a PS4 controller to a PC, but it depends on the device you have. If you have a Windows PC, it is possible to connect the controller with a USB-C to USB-A adapter, or use a USB hub. This will work if you have a laptop or desktop computer, not a tablet or an Android phone. On the other hand, if you have an Apple computer, there are a couple of ways to connect the controller. You can use the USB-C. Read more about ps4 controller not connecting to pc and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my PS4 controller to my PC Windows 10?

You want to connect your PS4 controller to your computer, but you are not sure what to do? We have the solution for you: we are going to show you how to connect your PS4 controller to your PC. There are many ways to do it, but the most recommended, we think, is to use an official USB driver. The PS4 controller is a rather nice all-in-one controller that lives in the hand, and you can play with it, or you can stare at it. It has all the buttons you could possibly need (with the exception of the Power and Volume buttons, which are used for home screen customization and parental controls respectively). But while this makes it easy to use, it can also be quite baffling. There are many ways in which you can connect your PS4 controller to your PC or Mac, with varying degrees of ease and convenience. Let’s talk about a few of them.

How do I get Windows to recognize my PS4 controller?

Because this PS4 controller can support many functions, it’s not necessarily a PC control device, but when used with a PC, it can do a variety of things. Some of the things it can do include: play games with an Xbox 360 controller, use it as a track-pad, or use it to control a PC. Not every PS4 controller you buy will be recognized by your PC; some may be wireless only, while others may require an additional USB dongle, or a protocol adapter. The PS4 DualShock 4 Wireless Controller is the only way to go, however. It features a USB port on the controller itself, which can be connected to a PC or Mac via a USB cable. It works with every version of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, as well as Mac OS X and OS X 10.10 and later.

How do I connect my PS4 controller to my PC via USB?

How do I connect my PS4 controller to my PC via USB? This is the question I have been asked a lot recently, and I wanted to write an article about it first and foremost. There is a lot of information online about how to use your Playstation 4 controller with a Windows PC, but there isn’t really that much for Mac users. So, I have developed a guide for Mac users, which I hope will be helpful to you. If you are like me, you’re a big fan of the PlayStation 4 gaming console. I’m also a big fan of playing games on PCs, but that’s not exactly an option when I’m on the go. The good news is that you can connect a PS4 controller to a computer, and that’s exactly what this post is about.

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