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  • Lake is a peaceful game about getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • You’ll play Meredith, a young girl who finds up standing in for her day as the town postman for two weeks.
  • If you have around 6 or 7 hours, you should be able to complete all 10 secret accomplishments.


Lake is a game about unwinding. About stepping away from the hectic pace of city life, from computers and phones, and reconnecting with your social self.

You play Meredith, a forty-something woman who has moved back to her peaceful hometown from the big city. She quits her demanding job as a software engineer to help her father, a local postal carrier.

Check out our review if you want to understand more about the game and what we think of it.

Number of achievements: 10 (all hidden) Time to complete: 6-7 hours Platforms: Windows, Steam, Xbox One consoles, and Xbox Series X|S

100G – Higher Ground

Get to the top of the hill with the church. (Secret)

This accomplishment may be earned on your first day on the job. Simply drive to the end of the narrow lane, which is not far from the post office. The achievement should unlock when you drive up to the white church at the top of the hill.


100G Cat Lover

Take Mortimer to Burt to assist Mildred (Secret)

Mildred, the cat woman, will be one of your first stops on your first day on the job. She’ll tell you about her ill cat Mortimer and urge you to take him to the fisherman, Burt. When you accept his invitation to accompany him, the destination will appear on your map.

You may just drive back to Burt Mackey’s home the following day and pick up Mortimer. The accomplishment will appear after you return him to Mildred.


100G Tower Watcher

Climb to the top of the watchtower (Secret)

Drive all the way up to the Watch Tower, which is indicated on the map. The accomplishment should appear after you reach the top floor.

NOTE: If you opt to meet Kay in the Watch Tower throughout the narrative, you will automatically travel up there, but this will not activate the accomplishment, despite the fact that it will now appear on the map.


100G Movie Carrier

Deliver the moviebox to Angie to assist her (Secret)

You’ll have to deliver a box to Angie’s Flick Shack, a movie rental store, on September 4. She’ll ask you to assist her with a marketing concept and deliver a portable movie box to the residents of the town so they may get acquainted with the medium.

Lori at the garage will be your first stop; the address will appear on your map. Simply deliver the package and assist her in selecting a film; it doesn’t matter which one she chooses; but, if you want to further your connection with Lori, you may allow her to watch Nightmare On Elm Street in your home (not required for the achievement)

You may return to Lori’s the next day after delivering her the movie box. After that, you’ll need to return to Angie’s Flick Shack to swap the movies.

Burt’s lakeside home, where we dropped off the ill cat, is your next destination. You may once again assist him in selecting a film to watch (I went with Jaws).

You may pick up the movie box at Burt’s after a day. The accomplishment will appear when you return it to Angie.


100G – Workaholic

Both times, assist Steve (Secret)

You’ll receive a call from either your parents or your employer Steve most nights. Simply select the choices where you do what Steve asks whenever he requests for assistance, such as reading through his proposal or signing documents.

Your accomplishment will appear after the second night of doing what he asks.


100G Metal Detector

Andy, the detectorist, is the one to contact (Secret)

Andy may be seen in the fields around the farm on any bright day. He’s typically not far from the farm’s entrance road. He was almost crossing the road as I drove past on a day when I had to deliver a letter to farmer Jack.

When I located him on the map, I marked his location:


100G Shutter Bug

Assist Nancy by putting the camera to the test (Secret)

On September 5, visit Nancy at the general shop near the post office. She’ll grumble about having to develop pictures and test the camera on her own. Offer to photograph the event in her place.

You may utilize the camera as long as you have it in your possession by pressing Y. You’ll need to take a total of 12 photos. Bring the camera back to her when you’re ready.

NOTE: I was unable to deliver the camera to her on the same day. After that, I believe you may give it over any day, but don’t wait too long since she’ll need a day to develop the pictures.

Return the following working day after you’ve submitted your camera roll, and she’ll ask you to choose a picture to enter in the contest. The accomplishment will appear as soon as you make your decision.


These following accomplishments appear just before the credits roll at the conclusion of the game. Make a save file at the conclusion of your final working day, September 12, so you may load it for the other endings.

Because there are so many unskippable cutscenes, each one will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

100g Free Spirit

In the RV, depart (Secret)

The “Angie romance option” is this. Basically, during the game, be as kind to her as possible, and when she requests for a kiss or embrace, say yes.

At some time, you’ll have to deliver a letter to the campsite, where you’ll meet Mickey and June. They’ll give you their RV if you’re kind to them and choose to say goodbye when they depart for Canada.

Angie will come up on the last day and invite you to depart with her in the RV. Simply choose yes and continue until the accomplishment appears just before the credits begin to roll.

NOTE: In the pre-release version, this accomplishment was broken. Before trying this, make sure you have the most recent version of the game.


100G – 100G – 100G – 100G – 100G – 100

Stay at Providence Oaks for a while (Secret)

The “Robert romance option” is this. Basically, throughout the game, be as polite to him as possible and opt to assist him with the anti-deforestation campaign by completing paperwork with him and recording the campaign message on the radio.

It should pop if you choose to remain for the final discussions. If you opt to leave and have Frank drop you off at the airport, Robert will approach you and offer you one more opportunity to remain.

NOTE: You may be able to get this without romancing Robert, but it’s best to be cautious. There’s also no danger in being nice to Angie; the sole decision to make comes at the very end of the game.


100G – Life in the Fast Lane

Return to the big city (Secret)

Simply make every feasible choice that indicates you wish to leave the post office and return to the big city to work as a programmer at the conclusion of the game.

Both Angie and Robert will most likely attempt to stop you, so pick the choices that allow you to ignore them and enjoy what might be the game’s “bad ending.” (Though you do end up wealthy)


That’s all there is to Lake’s accomplishments. Some are simpler to find than others, but if you follow our instructions carefully, you should be able to find them all.

If you have any more questions or need additional steps to complete any of these accomplishments, please leave a comment in the area below and we will try our best to assist you!

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Lake is a good game. The main thing is to manage the space, and don’t use up all the water. But the game also contains achievements, and there is a simple way to unlock them. Just complete all the achievements, and you get a prize.. Read more about lake game price and let us know what you think.

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